International News - April 2017

Daimler Experiments with Artificial Daylight in Cabs

STUTTGART, GERMANY – A group of Daimler AG researchers have been observing the effects of artificial daylight on the mental state and performance of truck drivers in a series of experiments set in...

Insurance Rates Could Hit Hauliers Hard Says RHA

The Road Haulage Association is concerned that hauliers may be in for a surprise when the time comes to renew their insurance premiums since the Lord Chancellor released details of a proposed...

Survey Finds Majority of People Believe Hacking Will be a Problem for Connected Cars

A recent study carried out by Satrak Plant Security has found that at least 59% of the public believe vehicle hacking will soon be a problem for connected vehicles.

With the average car now...

Volkswagen's Emissions Fraud May Affect Mortality Rate in Europe

From 2008 to 2015, Volkswagen sold 11 million diesel cars worldwide rigged with software that cheated emissions tests by running the full emissions-control system only if the car sensed a test was...

Driving Drowsy Test Being Developed

Researchers in Australia are develop a roadside test that can determine whether drivers are too drowsy to be behind the wheel. The system uses special glasses that track eye movements and measure...

How to Avoid Back Pain When Driving

Four out of five people suffer from lower back pain. And while cars might not be the primary cause, they certainly aggravate the problem. But rather than blaming car makers for making...

Appetite for Alternative Fuels Doubles in Two Years

The appetite for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) has doubled since 2014 at the expense of diesel, according to AA Cars.

The desire for diesels amongst UK drivers has fallen – last year,...

All Mapped Out? Using Satnav 'Switches Off' Parts of the Brain, Study Suggests

The British man whose BMW was left teetering on a Yorkshire cliff edge was an early victim of the phenomenon. Then came the Japanese tourists who drove directly into the ocean in a bid to reach an...

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