International News - December 2016

Dangerous Driving Runs in the Family, French Study Finds

Dangerous driving runs in the family, a new French study has found, suggesting that the majority of motorists mirror their parents' behaviour on everything from road rage to speeding and drink...

Cars are getting ‘too big’ for Britain’s parking spaces

Britain’s car parking spaces are too small to cope with today’s vehicles, according to data released by accident aftercare specialist, Accident Exchange.

The average parking space is just 4...

One in four Brits endangering themselves and others on motorways

There is a worrying lack of awareness when it comes to knowledge on UK driving laws, new research suggests.

The survey, conducted by Warranty Direct, reveals that areas of particular...

Drink-driving convictions soar by 40% in Northern Ireland

The number of people convicted of driving under the influence of drink or drugs has risen by almost 40% in two years - despite millions being pumped into high-profile road safety campaigns.

Professional drivers to undergo mandatory exam

MANILA, Philippines - To keep roads safe, professional drivers or drivers of public utility vehicles (PUV) – including those employed by companies – will have to undergo mandatory qualifying...

Smart motorways catch more than 1,000 speeding drivers a week

More than 1,000 motorists a week are being caught speeding on the UK's smart motorways, police figures suggest.

Last year, 52,516 fixed penalties were issued on 11 smart sections, including...

Breaking point: Southeast Asia’s road traffic nightmare

It’s rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City, the business capital of Vietnam. To a foreign eye, the scene is nothing but chaotic.

Motorbikes, cars and buses fill up every available piece of space,...

Motorists hooked to mobile phones: expert

Dubai: UAE motorists’ addiction to use of mobile phone while driving continues to grow despite statistics suggesting dangers of the practice, a new road safety survey revealed on Wednesday.


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