North America News - February 2017

Car Safety Technologies that May Save Your Life

We take it for granted, the automatic way we take the wheel and set out to drive from Point A to Point B expecting to have a smooth, uneventful ride. Since the introduction of the automobile,...

Are poor driving safety laws responsible for surge in traffic deaths?

A new study shows a lack of driving safety laws could help explain the surging number of people killed in accidents.

The report ranks driving safety laws nationwide. It found Rhode Island,...

Seeking for Safety: What to do if another driver shows road rage

Two incidents involving road rage in the Cape Fear region made headlines this past week.

Last Saturday in Harnett County, a man flashed his lights at another driver whose lights were too...

Car ban fails to curb air pollution in Mexico City

Banning cars on Saturdays in Mexico City hasn't reduced air pollutants, according to a new study.

Scientists had expected that limiting driving at the weekend would reduce vehicle emissions...

7 Technologies That Will Affect Trucking and the Aftermarket

The trucking industry is being bombarded with technology, and that trend is not likely to go away any time soon. Speaking at last week's Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas, Derek Kaufman,...

New York Traffic Deaths Dip Again. It’s Not Enough, Mayor’s Critics Say.

After two years of major declines in New York City’s traffic deaths, the number of people killed in crashes dropped slightly last year while pedestrian deaths rose, leading to questions about...

Having to hit the brakes may soon be a thing of the

It’s official: Car makers are coming for your brake pedal.

Automatic emergency braking has been an optional feature in luxury models from several auto manufacturers for a few years now, but...

FMCSA will leverage driver training data to gauge behind-the-wheel minimum, CVTA

Despite a two-month delay prompted by a recent order from President Trump and pressure from safety groups to alter one of the its key elements, a U.S. DOT rule establishing national training...

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