Pilot Our Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Program For Free

Reduce liability exposure using FleetDefenseSM and its single-source rider risk mitigation and monitoring

Pilot Our Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Program For Free


But you can take steps to improve the safety of your fleet’s most vulnerable drivers. FleetDefenseSM has already reduced accident rates for over 1 million users in more than 70 countries. Why not put our solutions to work for your motorized two-wheeler fleet? With a trial safety program, we can cut costs, collisions, injuries and liability exposure simply by:

  • Enrolling a segment of your motorized two-wheeler fleet for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Customizing your motorcycle and scooter safety program based on rider feedback, language, and compatibility
  • Analyzing the results of the pilot for KPIs you can standardize across your fleet

  • Our Motorized Defensive Rider Training emphasizes space management, proper scanning, intersection safety and other techniques to share the road—all from a choice of over 35 languages. Here’s what your riders will learn:

    The Defensive Rider

    Mistakes can be deadly to motorcycle and scooter riders, especially when other motorists make them. Open space is sometimes a rider’s only protection in traffic, so this safety course will:

    • Give practical tips to help riders anticipate hazards, improve visibility and ride defensively
    • Discuss the importance of vehicle inspections and the proper safety equipment
    Avoiding Failure-to-Yield Accidents at Intersections

    Never assume others will see you at an intersection. Motorists can easily misjudge the speed and distance of a rider’s approach, so this motorcycle and scooter safety course will:

    • Examine frequent rider mistakes that reduce their visibility to other motorists
    • Discuss ways to manage unpredictable right-of-way situations
    Crash Avoidance and Proper Scanning

    Riders may have only seconds to respond in a crisis. With an emphasis on monitoring traffic, choosing safe lane positions and adjusting speed to conditions, this course will:

    • Emphasize the many unpredictable situations riders should expect to face
    • Explain what defensive scanning means and how to spot hazards early
    Alcohol, Drugs and Driving

    Riders are already more likely to be injured or killed in accidents—impaired driving just makes the odds worse. This rider safety course will:

    • Tell the facts about drugs and drunk driving, including ways to avoid both
    • Explain how riders can protect themselves around an impaired motorist
    Drowsy Driving

    Feeling tired while on the road couldn’t be more common, or dangerous. Far too many riders dismiss drowsiness as something that can be controlled, but this course will:

    • Examine the effects of rider fatigue on judgment, vision and reaction time
    • Discuss ways to avoid microsleeps and other factors increasing tiredness
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