Seamless, End-to-End Fleet Risk Management Across the Globe


Did you know that drivers with at least 3 prior violations or at-fault crashes pose the same risk as a severely drunk driver? AlertDriving can change that.

Earn Management Buy-in With a FREE, Minimum 30-Day Pilot

Hazard Perception 360

Besides minimizing launch costs, a pilot can also gauge program requirements and even build the business case for a full expansion.

To test our program, just target a specific area of your fleet showing poor performance or high accident rates. Hazard Perception 360, our interactive risk assessment tool, will screen the Pilot group for unsafe behaviors and then prescribe defensive driver courses to target them.



Create A Safety Culture From The Top Down

President's Message

New programs shouldn't cause anxiety. We provide promotional material to help you organize safety meetings about the AlertDriving program—as well as information sessions designed to obtain buy-in from management and senior leadership.

Once the program begins, FleetDefenseSM comes with full translation support from day one. We also offer fleet-wide Vehicle Policy Testing and an executive safe driving message so everyone, from drivers to local stakeholders, understands how serious their safety is to your business.


Apply Driver-Level Metrics Across Your Global Fleet

Dynamic Risk Reporting

Our Fleet Tracking and Reporting tools offer unprecedented visibility into the scope of a fleet's risk, down to each driver.

After drivers start training, we begin assessing their compliance by tracking their course scores. Mid-year and annual “safety checks” are conducted to measure accident rates against a fleet’s training data. Where scores dip, we assign targeted training to mitigate the risk. This keeps our program cost-efficient and flexible as it evolves with each fleet.


Manage Multiple Driver Risk Types With Targeted Training Components

No other solution will give you more choices to assign courses that drivers actually need.

AlertDriving’s solutions are versatile enough to launch driver wellness programs, post-incident retraining, and new hire packages. You can even choose courses to target a collision problem or meet corporate sustainability objectives. Also, Hazard Perception 360 maps courses to specific areas of deficiency, ensuring drivers receive individual programs targeted to their risk.


Business Fleets Come In All Shapes And Sizes. FleetDefenseSM Can Fit Each One

We'll always examine your drivers’ training performance for new or persistent sources of risk. We aim to bring collisions as close to zero as possible, and can build customized safety programs that target workplace hazards specific to your fleet.